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ECON 4370: Econometrics

This LibGuide is intended for students taking ECON 4370 who are doing original research, creating a model, and testing a hypothesis –– and/or for those students searching for data sources to be used for modeling in Stata or other software programs.

Welcome to the Econometrics and Data Collections Guide

Who this LibGuide is for: Students enrolled in ECON 4370: Econometrics; students looking for datasets in a variety of subject areas; students looking for datasets formatted to be manipulated in Stata, SPSS, or R; students interested in what data different public and private institutions and organizations collect; faculty and staff looking for or interested in data from a variety of sources.
The above three databases are all great places to start (when you are looking for a dataset) and also places to find more information once you already have a topic. The Library subscribes to these databases, so you will have full functionality if you click here or go through the Library's website (instead of just Googling the database name). 
I encourage you to take some time to explore these databases to familiarize yourself with what kinds of data are collected and how to access them. Please contact me with any questions about how to navigate them most effectively for your needs.