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Training and Meeting Rooms Guidelines


The library has three rooms which are available for use by faculty, staff and students:

The Technology Training Room (310)

The Seminar Room (209)

The Integrated Learning Center (103)


General Procedures

1.  Submit requests for rooms through T-Space, the campus-wide calendaring and room reservation system.  A confirmation will be sent once the reservations has been confirmed through T-Space.

 2.  As a courtesy to other users, please do not request a room for more than 3 consecutive time slots (e.g., the 9:30 – 10:30 am slot for the next three MWF class times).  Library rooms are not to be used as a surrogate for a regular classroom.

3.  All rooms are to be left in the condition in which they were received. It is the responsibility of the requestor (faculty, staff or student) to clear the room, turn off the projector and lights, and lock the door. If rearranged, furniture must be returned to its original configuration before the requestor leaves.

4.  Any loss of or damage to the equipment in the rooms is the responsibility of the user.