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Training and Meeting Rooms Guidelines


The library has three rooms which are available for use by faculty, staff and students:

The Technology Training Room (310)

The Seminar Room (209)

The Integrated Learning Center (103)


General Guidelines

1. Priority will be granted to instructional use by the Library. Please review the special rules for Room 103 and Room 310.

 2. Trinity faculty, staff and students can request the use of a room when:

a.    The request does not conflict with a priority use. Non-priority users may be asked to accept other arrangements if priority users need a room at the scheduled time. Alternate arrangements may include moving to another room in the library, or providing the required equipment in the regular classroom. Schedules are fixed one week in advance.

b.    The request requires the use of the equipment in the room. Priority will be given to those faculty who need the space to utilize library and/or research materials, databases, or library software.

c.   It does not conflict with additional rules for rooms 310 or 103.