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Spatial Information Resources

This guide will help you find spatial data (with an emphasis on Geographic Information System (GIS) data), online maps, and static maps, as well as resources for teaching and learning with spatial information.

The Trinity Network Repository

Trinity University maintains a network repository for spatial data. Trinity campus base map imagery, a collection of state and local layers, and data purchased à la cart can be accessed there. Data for specific courses can also be stored and maintained on the repository.

The repository also serves as an access point for installing ArcGIS software on the Trinity Unversity ESRI site license.

To access the network repository, please contact GIS liaison Jeremy Donald.

Data on the campus repository:

City of San Antonio/Bexar County GIS data (projected to State Plane South Central Texas feet)

Campus aerial photos and CAD lines

Texas business locations & counties


  • ESRI 2011/2016 Updated Demographics: 2011 estimates and 5-year projections for population, households, income, and housing; delivered in Census 2010 geographic boundaries. 
  • ESRI 2011 Consumer Spending: Consumer spending patterns for a variety of goods and services, including apparel, food, financial services, household goods, and recreation; delivered in Census 2010 geographic boundaries. 
  • ESRI 2011 Tapestry: Lifestyle data for US residential neighborhoods based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics delivered in Census 2010 geographic boundaries. 
  • 2010 Census: Complete population counts from Census 2010 combining the PL94-171 file and variables from Summary File 1 (SF-1); delivered in Census 2010 geographic boundaries.  

U.S. state boundaries

World CountyWatch demographic and economic data