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BIOL 3452: Vertebrate Physiology


Dr. King has provided the following links to help you jump start your research. These are links to articles and journals that might be particularly helpful:

American Physiological Society Classic Papers

Journals from American Physiological Society

Journal of Applied Physiology

Physiological Reviews

You might also look at:

BMC Physiology

Trying to get access to articles in one of these journals and having trouble getting the full text?  Search the Journal Finder for the title of the the JOURNAL and follow the prompts.  Still having trouble?  Contact me ( and I can help you!


Databases let you search 1000s of journals at one time.  Make a list of keywords to search and refine those terms as you go.  For this class I would recommend:

1) Scopus-- Index to scholarly material in all the sciences; useful for locating articles that cite earlier publications. 15,000 peer-reviewed journals from more than 4,000 publishers, including more than 1000 Open Access journals.  Found an article that looks interesting and want full text?  Click the LinkSource button and follow the prompts.  If we don't currently have on campus request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

2) Pubmed--Primary index for scholarly biomedical literature developed by the National Library of Medcine. Found an article that looks interesting and want full text?  Click the link in the top right corner. 

3) GoogleScholar-- Google's search engine for scholarly literature.