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BIOL 1320: The Darwinian Revolution

A guide for the Special Collections class session

How to browse this list

Books in this list are arranged by destination to help you find the one most interesting to you. 

These digitized books come from a variety of online sources; some may work for your device setup better than others. I find that Google Books is the most user friendly, though it does not always have the best scans. You may want to download a PDF, or print out particularly interesting chapters. 

These books are all in the "public domain," which means that they are no longer under copyright due to their date of publication. This means that you can download them, print them, post them on your instagram...anything! 




Latin America

North America


South America

How to locate additional travelogues

Are you trying to identify a travelogue about a specific place, and didn't find it in this list? Using the library catalog, do a keyword search for "description and travel" (be sure to use the quotation marks!) AND the location you are interested in. Example: searching ["description and travel" Argentina] will bring you travelogues about Argentina. You can use Advanced Search to limit the date range of your results if you want. 

Once you have identified a title, the best way to find a digitized copy online is our good pal, Google.