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BIOL 1320: The Darwinian Revolution

A guide for the Special Collections class session

Before Class

Examine the cover, title page, and first few pages of your travelogue. Think about the following questions:

  • Who is the author of the narrative you are reviewing? What can you tell about them (profession, nationality, social class, etc.)?
  • Where did they travel to? Where were they coming from? When was their voyage?
  • Who do you think was the intended audience of this book? 

Pick a page or scene somewhere in the book. Take a few minutes to think about: 

  • What is the author describing? 
  • What kinds of words does the author use to describe the place/people/things?
  • Do you feel like it is an accurate representation? 

Go to If you've never used Padlet before, it's like a shared bulletin board where you can share ideas with your classmates. You do not need to sign in or create an account; you can post as "anonymous" for this class. 

  • Click the + in the lower right hand corner, or double click on the board to create a new post. 
  • For "Title," put the title and author of the travelogue you focused on. 
  • In your post, share a screenshot or type the text of an excerpt you found interesting. It can be short or long, just be prepared to share with the class why you found it interesting. I've shared an excerpt that I found interesting as an example. 
  • You can like or comment on your classmates' posts. 

Please be prepared to share with your classmates some of the basic information about the travelogue you examined, as well as why you selected the excerpt that you posted on Padlet. If you have any trouble accessing the digital texts or using Padlet, email me