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Biology 3420: Animal Behavior

Here are resources to help with your literature review paper.

(1) Setup Zotero

Use the information in our guide to Zotero to do the following:

1) Download and install Zotero Desktop on your own computer.

2) Install Zotero Connector to your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

3) Optional: Add the Zotero plug-in to your preferred word processor (Microsoft Office or LibreOffice). The Zotero Connector for Chrome automatically adds Zotero to Google Docs.

(2) At Home: Google Scholar setup for off-campus access

1) Go to Google Scholar, sign in to Google with your T-Mail account, then click Settings.

2) Go to Library Links.

3) Search and check the box for Elizabeth Huth Coates Library.

4) Click Save.

This will allow Google Scholar to find full text in our online collections.

(3) In-class exercise

1) Use either Scopus or Google Scholar to locate at primary, empirical articles on your topic.

2) Make sure articles are within the last 15 years.

3) Experiment with references and "cited by" to find recent, relevant results.

4) Save at least 5 citations in a folder in Zotero.