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CLAS 1310: Daily Life in Ancient Greece (Pache)

This guide offers suggestions for beginning or continuing research in Dr. Pache's course on "Daily Life in Ancient Greece."

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Using archaeological and literary sources, this course is an introduction to the Greek world by way of the everyday lives of its inhabitants, focusing on the urban experience.  Topics include religion, poetry, and politics; education, work, and leisure; housing and food; birth, growing up, marriage, and death. 

This course is designed to help students access and understand the different sources that may be used to analyze and understand the ancient Greek past.  Students will examine primary sources (literary, visual, and archaeological) as well as selected secondary sources.  Assignments will familiarize students with the strategies scholars use to reconstruct the past based on material and literary evidence.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is organized into three sections: Reference Sources, Primary Sources, and Secondary Sources.  Each section includes resources to help you find materials in print in the library, electronic materials from library databases, and internet web sites.

If you need help from a librarian, or if you need assistance with borrowing or citing resources, visit the Find Help section of the guide.