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Advanced Managerial Accounting: Grammar, Mechanics, Focus, and Clarity

This sequence of activities supports the review and development of student writing practices in Professor Holmes's course, Advanced Managerial Accounting.

A Quick Preview

Common Errors in Grammar and Mechanics

Grammar and Mechanics Task

Improving Focus and Clarity

Improving Focus and Clarity Task


This review is intended to help you think about your writing habits and tendencies, possibly for the first time in a long time. As you make the transition from writing as a student for professors to writing as a professional for clients and colleagues, it is likely that you will notice new characteristics or issues in your written work. We hope that this review, while it may not specifically cover an issue that challenges you when writing, will help you to see yourself as a writer in an updated or new way.

If you have any feedback--suggestions, comments, or questions--that you would like to share about these activities or your perspective on your written work, I invite you to contact me. 

Benjamin Harris
Head of Instruction Services