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FYE: Being Young in Asia: Home

Study Spots at the Library

What this guide is for

This purpose of this guide is to help you find new sources of information on youth life in Asia. Why would you need to do that when you already have all those course readings? Good question! Here are some of the ways you might use this guide:

1. Get in touch with me, your librarian! (See contact info at right). I can help you figure out how to cite sources correctly, find books in the library, narrow down your topic to a manageable size, and more. Don't worry that you're bothering me or interrupting me. Working with first-year students is my job!

2. Find particular kinds of information. You might need basic background information in order to make sense of a dense academic article. Or, you might need scholarly sources for a research project. You might want to know where to find books, like the library's manga collection. Check the guide tabs for different types of sources.

3. Learn how to use the library more effectively. What happens when you can't find full-text? How does Google Scholar work? We have short videos that can answer questions like these.