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FYE: A Successful Life: Introduction

This guide is intended to help you navigate the library research components of your papers, journal entries, and formal presentation.

Pile o' Research

The Research Pile

Hello there!

Welcome to the Library!

This guide is intended to help you as you work on your research assignment for the First Year Experience: A Successful Life (Tynes/Hazelton and Blystone/Rowe). Please consider using resources that aren't mentioned here, too, although these are good places to find the scholarly and non-scholarly materials you will need for your paper.

If you have any questions about finding sources or the research process in general, or if you'd like to chat about whatever is on your mind, please don't hesitate to contact me. Really. I am the librarian liaison to this FYE. I'm here to help you as you navigate through your work and life while here at Trinity.

Good luck!

--Alex Gallin-Parisi, Instruction Librarian

Oh, hello there! I'm your librarian. Contact me.

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Alex Gallin-Parisi
Coates Library, Office 314


Phone: 210-999-7693

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