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Important! Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

The second box on this page contains the criteria I'll use to evaluate your annotated bibliographies to help you write strong final papers. You can also download it as a word document from the link at the bottom of this box.

Due Date to submit your annotated bibliography to me via Google Docs: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8th by 5pm.


1. Create your annotated bibliography in Google Docs (or copy and paste it in there)

   > To create a Google Doc: Log in to Tmail

   > Click on "Drive" on the top menu

   > Click on "Create", then select "Document"

   > When completed, click on "Share" (blue box) and under "add people" add my name/email: Anne Jumonville Graf (ajumonvi at trinity dot edu)

2.  Include a 2-3 sentence description of your topic along with your annotations.

Please contact me for help. You can email me to set up an appointment. I'm more than happy to discuss your work with you and help you get unstuck!

Remember: Good research takes practice. You can do this! I will provide feedback via the comments feature in Google Docs or via email within one week of receiving your assignment.

Annotated Bibliography Criteria

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