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HIST 4440: Latin American Revolutions (Government Sources): Home


This is a guide to government sources for your HIST 4440: Latin American Revolutions research papers. If you have questions about sources at any point in the research process, PLEASE feel free to email Anne Jumonville (that's me!), the liaison librarian for Government Information (contact information on right).

You might also find helpful information on the general History Resources LibGuide and/or Government Documents LibGuide.

background info on government documents

1. Government documents are organized by the agency or department that produced them.

2. They have a different system of classification than the rest of the books and materials in the library called the Superintendent of Documents Classification System, or "SuDocs" for short.

3. Gov docs, with their "SuDoc" call number, are searchable in the library catalog (for items we have).

4. If you've come across a citation for a government document somewhere else and can't find the original in the library catalog, try the comprehensive Catalog of US Government Publications.

5. Not all government documents are primary sources--depends on what you're using them for and how.

6. Please don't hesitate to ask for help at any step in the process of searching for gov docs!