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THTR 3331: History of Theatre, The Classical Stage to the Theatre of the Enlightenment: The Assignment

This guide offers resources to help you begin or continue research in Dr. Connelly's History of Theatre course.

Aphra Behn

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The Assignment

This guide is designed to assist researchers and writers in beginning and continuing research for the term paper in Dr. Connelly's History of Theatre: The Classical Stage to the Theatre of the Enlightenment course. 

The success of your research paper will depend on the time and effort you devote to topic selection and focus, research and reading, argument development, writing, and redrafting.  It is suggested that you "cover your bases" by conducting searches in all of the databases and library catalogs suggested in this guide.  No search engine is entirely comprehensive.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, don't wait! Contact your "guide" and make a research appointment.

Good luck!

Library Worksheet

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