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FNCE 3352 Investment Principles & Analysis: Macroeconomic/Industry Conditions

Key info on economic condiditions & industries

Business Source Complete

Our best single periodical database for business publications; good to use for articles related to company strategies, weaknesses, environmental variables, and so on. Also contains a fair number of economics journals.


An excellent source for detailed market research reports on hundreds of industries, including the nonprofit sector, containing overviews of key trends, competitors, external factors, and more. You can browse a report's table of contents or download the entire report as a PDF.

Hoovers Online

Good starting point for company and industry information: company financials, major brands, top competitors. Make sure you use this link to get to the premium content. NOTE: There is substantial overlap of the industry coverage with First Research, as both databases originate with the same company.

First Research

Succinct, current overviews of major American industries, including descriptions of how that industry sells its products, major trends, and more.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

Eleven S&P databases include detailed company information and excellent surveys of industries, which include statistics, trends, comparative data, etc. For this second part, make sure you click on the link within NetAdvantage for "Industry Surveys."

Value Line

Evaluation tool for stock buying and selling, but also contains useful summaries of a company's likely success in current and planned markets. There are also cogent one-page industry analyses.

Euromonitor Passport Global Market Information Database

Database of international market research includes internationally comparable statistics on industries, countries, and consumers; over 15,000 industry, company, country, and consumer reports; articles on topical reactions to major news events; and market and brand share information.

Nexis Uni

An extensive full-text database which is particularly strong in news and business trade publications. You may select to search general and business news on industries and economic trends by using the "Search the News" box. 

Various U.S. Government Data Sources  

FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data

Economic Indicators (monthly report)

Bureau of Labor Statistics


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