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ECON 1312: Principles of Macroeconomics: Online Data

...sources that will help students do research related to economic indicators and policy.


Circulation in Macroeconomics

Circulation in Macroeconomics
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Video Tutorials

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Watch the videos below for basic introductions to some of the resources.

Online Data

Best Starting Points:

Other Web Sources

Search services like Google can help you find various organizations with useful economic data, but you must carefully look at the sources; some may not be trustworthy for accurate statistics.  In most cases, you are better off looking for primary sources of the data or recognized data gatherers: central banks, the IMF or World Bank, United Nations agencies, etc.

Google now includes some statistical data from these sources in its own tables; see a description at Public Data (Google). But you must ascertain the source of the data and whether Google has accurately depicted that data.

As a general rule, always prefer the original source of the data!

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