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Code of Conduct: Home

Background & Overview

Key Elements


The so-called “Code of Conduct” vote will consist of several separate votes. They are:

1. The Code of Conduct policy and its associated procedures

a. These procedures parallel those in place for Sexual Harassment and Harassment based on Race, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Religion, National Origin, Age, or Physical Condition.

2. New “Adequate Cause” language

a. The section on “Moral Turpitude” has been replaced with “Gross misconduct” and a clear definition of what constitutes gross misconduct.

b. New procedures for dismissal in cases of gross misconduct.

3. New procedures created for “severe sanctions,” used in instances of grave misconduct, which could be either a violation of the Code of Conduct, the Harassment policies, or gross misconduct. Severe sanctions are those that stop short of dismissal.

4. Other minor edits to Faculty-Staff Handbook language, to accommodate the changes made, above.
These pieces are interrelated, so they should be considered as a whole. We will vote on the individual pieces, however, to prevent confusion at the meeting.