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PLSI 1331: Comparing Countries: Introduction

This guide contains an online tutorial for how to successfully complete Assignment One for Dr. Nishikawa's Comparing Countries course.


You are on this page because you are working on Assignment 1 for Dr. Nishikawa's PLSI 1331: Comparing Countries course. Welcome!

A few quick reminders:

*You will be using a library database called Scopus to complete this assignment. Here is a quick link to the database.

*If you are using a Mac, DO NOT USE SAFARI for Scopus. It runs inconsistently on Safari. I would recommend using Firefox or Chrome, both of which are free and easy to download.

*Find detailed instructions for how to complete the assignment, including quick video tutorials, on the tab entitled "Online Tutorial for Assignment 1." YOU WILL NEED A FLASH-COMPATIBLE BROWSER AS WELL AS AUDIO TURNED ON.

*You will succeed in these assignments if you pay attention to details and avoid carelessness in your work, i.e., it matters where you put the commas in APSA style and it matters if you follow the instructions Dr. Nishikawa has given you. Read the assignments!

*Please contact me if you have any questions or need help throughout this semester, whether with Assignments 1 or 2 or later on when you are putting together your literature review.

Oh, hello there! I'm your librarian. Contact me.

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