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CHEM 1305: The Chemistry of Art: Home

This guide includes resources to help you begin or continue your research for the Chemistry of Art. If you have questions contact Jeff Lacy (the chemistry part) or Benjamin Harris (the art part).

Lapis Lazuli

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The Assignment

The assignments in the Chemistry of Art course will require you to conduct interdisciplinary research. You will be encouraged to use databases across various disciplines as you discover and explore the topics of this class.  Ideally, your research in the chemistry and art fields will allow you to recognize the differences in the published research as you synthesize the literatures of both disciplines.


Use this worksheet during your visit to the library.  You should save a copy to your drive and when completed, send a copy to clacy@trinity.eduDo not save the worksheet to the desktop or the "My Documents" folder at your computer, or else your work will be lost.