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RELI 3382: African Religions in the Americas (Tarango): Assignment

Archives Project

From Professor Tarango's syllabus:

The goal of the final project is to teach you how to do original, primary document research, and you will utilize the papers of the Reverend Claude Black and his wife ZerNona Black, who were major African-American Civil Rights leaders in San Antonio. The documents are housed in Trinity’s library, and include a mix of documents that have been digitized and those that remain in the archive’s boxes and must be manually looked at. By the end of this project you will know how to write a substantial paper in multiple draft form, do primary archival research (and learn how to do things such as use a finding guide at an archive), construct a research topic out of the given primary sources and do a poster presentation on your research, like you would at an undergraduate/graduate student conference.

You may want to explore the rhetoric of his sermons and how he uses the language of black liberation (there is a ton of information on this subject.) You may want to look into a particular event in Rev Black’s life such as his dust-up with Rev Billy Graham (who invited a segregationist speaker at a his crusade in Alamo Stadium, and Rev Black led a protest against Graham’s actions.) You might want to consider his relationships with particular Civil Rights groups and figures such as the SCLC, other Black Baptist groups or Martin Luther King. What you will be doing is writing a micro-history that focuses on one small aspect of Rev Black’s life and/or ministry that speaks to issues of race and the African-American experience within the US.

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