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PLSI 3341: East Asian Security: Home

This is a guide for your research and role-play assignments in Professor HJ Yoo's class about international security in East Asia.

Nuclear Security Summit 2010

이명박, 대통령, 대한민국, 핵안보정상회의, President, Lee Myung Bak, Republic of Korea, Seoul. 2012, Barack Obama, Nuclear Security Summit, North Korea, arms control, nuclear weapons, terrorism

President Lee Myung-bak, Republic of Korea.

Nuclear Security Summit 2010, Washington DC

Credit: GreenDominee (Flickr)


Welcome to your guide for Professor Yoo's East Asian Security course. This guide is intended to help you find resources for your role-play assignment as well as your final paper.

Remember that research is a practice -- you will likely need to work hard, dig deep, and start early for these assignments. This is "varsity-level" research you are working on, so don't worry if you are not finding what you need right away.

You can always contact me, Alex Gallin-Parisi, if you would like to discuss your research or if you need help finding relevant sources. I'm here to help! Here we go...

Oh, hello there! I'm your librarian. Contact me.

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