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ARTH 1307: Art History I (Garrison): Get Started

This guide offers starting points for research tasks in Dr. Garrison's Art History I course.

Anavysos Kouros

Finding "Primary" Publications

Use today's time in class to begin finding sources that will help you to complete the "profile and context" assignment.

The following sources offering good "starting points" for your research. Also, review additional helpful resources under each tab.

1.  Search for your monument using a reference resource such as Oxford Art Online, Oxford Reference, or one of the databases on the Reference Sources page.  Pay attention to the bibliography of any entries on your article, as these may help to answer questions such as "when did scholars first begin to publish" research on your monument.

2.  Search the JSTOR database.  JSTOR includes the full-text for many journals that are relevant to your class topics.  Compare the bibliographies of several texts available in JSTOR, and note the repetition of early publications on your subject.  Sources that are used by many researchers suggest that these are particularly value and may even be thought of as "primary" sources on your monument.

4.  Search the Library Catalog.  After locating possible options in the sources listed above, attempt to locate potential sources using the library catalog.  Pay special attention to texts that have been placed on Reserve for your class.

5.  Search WorldCat.  This resource will help you to find books that are not available in our library, but you can borrow them from another library very easily.  Once you find the title, click on it and look for the "Send Request to Illiad" link.  This will allow you to place a request to borrow the item from another library.

Borrowing Items from Another Library


Use the link above to borrow books, articles, media, and more from other libraries.  Remember to allow additional time for materials that must be received in the mail.