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HCOM 3330: Argumentation--Theory and Practice (Hansen): General Resources

This research guide includes starting points for beginning or continuing your research in Dr. Hansen's class on argumentation.

Art of Persuasion

General Resources

The following print and electronic resources may be of assistance as you begin and continue your study of argumentation theories and practices.

Bibliography of Rhetorical Criticism
From your course syllabus:  "For a thorough online bibliography from a rhetorical scholar, consider [the Bibliography of Rhetorical Criticism]. The site contains a number of articles spanning all types of rhetorical issues.  You might find particularly helpful the section on genre and presidential rhetoric."

Encyclopedia of Rhetoric. REF PN 172 E52 2001

Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition: Communication From Ancient Times to the Information Age.  REF PN 172 E53 1996

Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
From the University of Kentucky Classics Department, this long lasting site offers brief definitions of rhetorical strategies and a number of examples to illustrate the concept.

Handbook of Rhetorical and Communication Theory. (Stacks) P 90 H296 1984

Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
Similar to the "Glossary," explanations of these terms are a little more involved, making it useful for those studying these concepts for the first time.

Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric
One of the first and one of the best sites offering online definitions and guidelines for the study of rhetorical concepts and theories (both classical and contemporary).  Sponsored by Brigham Young University, this site extends the tree as a metaphor for learning and thinking about rhetorical activity.