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Readings in Contempary Chinese Cinema: Bibliographical Research Guide: The Assignment

This is for guidance on finding sources for your annotated bibliography and your video project. It is also for guidance in preparing for your assessment meeting with Ms. Caraway.

Not One Less

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The Assignment

Assignment for Chinese 4322

Step One

Choose either 1) a director and two films or 2) two films thematically connected but by different directors. 

Step Two

Undertake bibliographical research on your director(s) and film(s). 

A.  Use this LibGuide to identify relevant sources for your project. 

B.  Identify four scholarly articles or book chapters, two film review articles, and two interviews/articles focuing on your director's biolgraphy and/or filmography. Three of these eight sources must be in Chinese. 

C.  Begin by reading more general background information about your director so that you will have a knowledge base for choosing articles and book chapters on more specific topics. The interviews and the biographical articles or chapters will help with this, as will authoritative, good-quality websites.

D.  To save time and avoid backtracking, consider using a research log to record where you search when, with what search string, and what potentiallly useful articles you found. 

Step Three

Make an appointment to see your liaison librarian no later than March 5 to discuss what you have found. This appointment is obligatory. Bring all your sources with you to your appointment.  During the meeting, you will describe your research process, discuss the eight sources you brought with you, discuss alternative sources if necessary, and narrow your list to the best three scholarly articles or book chapters, the best film review article, and the best interview article or article on your director's biography/filmography. One of these five sources must be in Chinese. 

During this meeting, your librarian will assign up to ten points for locating the required number and type of sources and up to ten points for the quality of your evaluation of the sources that leads you to your final selections. Your evaluation should include the relevance of the sources to your project, a summary of the major points of the sources, who the intended audience is, how you identify any potential biases of the authors, and an overall comparison of the sources that leads you to select your final five sources.  

Resources can be obtained through interlibrary loan, but it can take up to 2 weeks for them to arrive, so plan accordingly.

Step Four

Create a summative annotated bibliography in the MLA style for your five chosen sources. The bibliography is due on March 9.